About Me :)

I am a Moncton area photographer who is truly passionate about sharing your special moments with you! I fell in love with cameras at a very young age. I was notorious for going through rolls and rolls of film and emptying my parents wallets to have them developed (Aren’t I old?). I often was sitting somewhere in nature taking scenic shots or waiting for wildlife to come by or just taking pictures of all of my friends. When I finally got my first professional camera in 2008 I discovered there were even more genres of photography I loved and my addiction grew even stronger. I am now married and have two beautiful baby girls who keeps me running and my own life has made me even more passionate about capturing the “little moments” for others that really convey who they are and who they love. I love meeting new people and am honoured every time someone invites me into their life for the day to tell their story through photos. I absolutely love what I do and I strive to make sure it shows in my work.

I’d love to help you remember the best moments from your treasured occasions. I aim to blend in and capture genuine candids that tell will keep your memories fresh in your mind for years to come. Contact me for information on packages and consultations. Follow me on Facebook to stay up to date with my offers!

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